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עודכן לאחרונה: ינואר 2020

תקציר למנהלים עסוקים – אירועי שיווק שאסור לפספס!

בעמוד מתעדכן זה, רשימת כנסים ואירועים בתחום השיווק והשיווק הדיגיטלי בארץ ובעולם. בחרנו באירועים אלו כי ראינו אותם כמעניינים ומומלצים עבור מנהלי ואנשי שיווק.

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Event Information:

  • ד

    Copywriting that sells: An effective vehicle for your B2B marketing strategy

    8:45גוגל קמפוס

    The impact of your company’s strategic marketing plan on your bottom line is not always obvious. Nevertheless, a good marketing plan is an elementary factor for succeeding in the global B2B marketing arena. Once all your marketing efforts are aligned with your strategic direction, it’s much easier to achieve your goals.

    Copywriting is a great example of a marketing activity that stems directly from your marketing strategy.

    Not a born copywriter? Not a problem

    Many companies bombard written content with lengthy functionality descriptions, unaware that instead of engaging readers, they are actually driving prospects away.

    Converting your strategy into qualitative copy helps you generate leads, increase sales, and attract investors.

    By following a few basic rules, you can project a sharp international image that will make you stand out. Start creating fluent, eye-catching messages that capture readers’ attention.

    You are cordially invited to attend our upcoming event – “Copywriting that sells: An effective vehicle for your B2B marketing strategy” to be held at 8:45 am at Google Campus Tel Aviv – Electra Tower ( Ampa Tower)- 34th Floor.


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חנן לב

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